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Manage Your Work B. Schmid During you go to school you have a high number of leisure days. All the public holidays are off, sometimes the teachers have some conferences and last but not least you enjoy thirteen weeks of holidays. But after your school time this nice time is over. If you are going to university, you don t have any problems with your holidays......but how is the situation when you are working ? In the sight of most of the people taking holidays is a sign that someone is overtaxed and that he needs a break. That s why a lot of employees are afraid of taking holidays. They don t want to show any bad quality to their bosses. They think if I don t take any holidays my boss will be satisfied and convinced that I can manage my work. But it is the opposite that is true. Taking holidays shows that you care about your health, because, as we all now, holidays are very restful. So most of the bosses respect people who take holidays more that people who don t, that s why a healthy worker is more useful than a ill worker. Taking holidays shows also that you are able to manage your work. It s a simple thought. Without managing the work your always stressed, but if you are organised you get some free time, that s why you can take holidays. So we can say, a good worker takes holidays and a bad doesn t. The whole situation is a little bit different if you are self-employed. Maybe you are the most important person in your firm. You think you can t go away and let your ...

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