Human Rights and Minorities

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English Presentation Human Rights and Minorities Human Rights and Minorities The main points of my presentation about Human Rights and Minorities which I want to mention are: - General things about Human Rights Amnesty International Minorities and their problems Let s turn to the first point: The Human Rights The Human Rights were proclaimed by the UN General Assembly on 10 December 1948. These say that every human being has equal rights in the human family and that the dignity of all human beings must be recognised. The disregards of these rights have led to outrageous acts like torture and other violent treatments. So all members of the United Nation Organisation have promised to obey and to promote these rights by the rule of law and by teaching them. The Human Rights are divided in 30 articles which contents I m going to describe in the following summaries: Article 1 21 : Everyone has the equal rights without any differentiation of race, colour, sex, nationality, political idea, religion or any other property. The liberty, life and security of person of everyone is guaranteed. Article 22 27 : Everyone has the right of social and personal protection, the right to work and the equal right of education. Article 28 30 : Everyone has the duty to respect the mentioned rights and the freedom of others and to transmit them to the next generation. Now the question appears whether the Human Rights are observed in reality. It is obvious that many countries - even those who belong ...

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