The digital divide

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Englischreferat: The digital divide The digital divide, which is a gap between the most and least wired countries is a big problem. At the G8 summit in Okinawa heads of state and government spoke about a bid to bridge the digital divide and announced help for developing nations, which have to catch up on technology. Experts say that communication technologies would improve the situation of developing nations, but it is impossible to close the gap, no matter how much money is pledged. Academics say that the governments should offer more than just money to solve this big problem, and politicians and policy advisors fear that a spectacular growth of the Internet in rich countries will mean that poor countries fall even further behind. Divided world The difference in technology between developed nations and developing nations is huge. For example there are more Internet hosts in Manhattan than there are in the whole of Africa. An other example is that there are nearly 30 PCs per 100 people in the UK, but in countries such as Malawi there is only one computer for every 10000 people. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori announced a five - year aid package to bring new technologies to developing countries and said, that he would urge other G8 countries to do the same. Policy gap Professor Richard Hawkins, who works at the Science and Technology Policy Research Unit at Sussex University, said that the investment required is huge, and that the money which was pledged was unlikely to ...

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