A long way to freedom

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A long way to freedom The so-called Underground Railroad was the name of a system which helped slaves in their escape to the Northern States, Canada, Texas, Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. The UGRR was neither in the underground nor was it a railroad, but a secret network of safe houses, called stations, and antislavery supporters, who were people from different kinds of races and all walks of life. Although the UGRR was never formally organised, it consisted of 3,2000 members, who helped tens of thousands of slaves to escape to freedom. Even people who simply offered food or clothes were considered part of this complex system. Probably, the UGRR originated in 1787 when a Quaker, called Isaac T. Hooper, organised a system for hiding fugitive slaves. In other sources it reads that it had already started in the 1500s when the first African captives were brought over to America. Not many facts and dates are known about the UGRR s history because it was passed down orally through generations. Usually, Blacks were illiterate and the members of the UGRR were so afraid of detection that they destroyed all the records. The term Underground Railroad probably comes from a slave called Tice Davids who fled from Kentucky by the help of the white abolitionist John Rankin. His owner searched for him but he had disappeared. This guy wondered, if his servant had gone off on some underground road. The UGRR went through 14 Northern states and Canada, and it reached its peak during 1830 and ...

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