Orwell, George: Animal Farm

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Animal Farm George Orwell wrote this book. He was born on 23th January 1903 in India. He was an officer, worked as a teacher and later he wrote for The Observer. He was in the Spanish Civil War. Animal farm brought Orwell world-wide fame. He died on the 21th of January 1950 in London. The main characters in the book are Mr. Jones, the owner of Manor Farm, Old Major, a boar, Snowball, a pig, Napoleon, a boar and Squealer, a pig. Old Major dreamed during the night. A dream about a Rebellion. He spoke about this dream to the animals. Three days later old Major died in his sleep. The leaders of the animals were now three boars called Snowball, Napoleon and Squealer. One evening the farmer, Mr. Jones drank to much alcohol and hit the unfed animals. This was the moment for the Rebellion. All animals fought with the men and they were driven out of the farm. Manor Farm was theirs. The pigs had taught themselves to read and write. Snowball took a brush and painted Animal Farm over Manor Farm. Also, they wrote seven commandments on the wall. 1. Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy, 2. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend, 3. No animal shall wear clothes, 4. No animal shall sleep in a bed, 5. No animal shall drink alcohol, 6. No animal shall kill any other animal, 7. All animals are equal. On every Sunday they had a ceremony to made plans for the next week. Snowball wanted to build a windmill. The vote for the windmill should be done during a special meeting. But ...

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