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DEATH PENALTY Spezialgebiet Englisch Matura 2001 Inhalt: History Of Death Penalty Facts About Death Penalty Death Penalty Today Death Penalty And The Human Rights Pro s And Con s Of Death Penalty The Bible And Death Penalty Summary Of Dead Man Walking History Of Death Penalty: More formally known as capital punishment, the death penalty has been discussed historically as well as nowadays. The death penalty has been a legalized punishment since Hammurabi, a Babylonian king in 1750 b.c.. Only the crimes, for which the death penalty was used, have changed over the centuries. In the ancient Greece, someone could be condemned to death for stealing a piece of fruit or just being lazy. Crimes which are nowadays not even punished as crimes. In Ancient Rome, even one who disturbed the peace at night could be sentenced to death. In the time of Hammurabi (whose code of laws is believed to be the oldest surviving) someone could be sentenced to death for robbery, murder and adultery. Even in Biblical accounts, acting in God s behalf, Moses wanted the death penalty for kidnapping and cursing at one s parents. By the Middle Ages in England, there were a great number of crimes for which the death penalty was reserved, like: murder, treason, petty treason, theft, robbery, rape, burglary and arson. As time went on, the list of offences which were punishable by death grew dramatically. By 1600s, 200 offences and by 1780 350 crimes were on this list, known in Britain as the Bloody Code . While ...

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