Investing in People

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Investing in People CONTENTS 1. Introducion The overall aim of the Government s national training strategy is to help secure a skilled and productive workforce. The role of Government is: to provide leadership and strategic direction, to develop and promote a first class education and training system, including the development of a comprehensive national system of vocational qualifications, and to help those people who are unemployed and at a disadvantage in the jobs marked to get back to work and develop their abilities to the full. The Training and Enterprise Councils (TECs) in England and Wales and the Local Enterprise Companies (LECs) in Scotland manage the Government s training programs for young people. Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) are another important element of the national framework. They monitor the future develop and promote occupational standards and vocational qualifications. Some strategic priorities for the national framework: Employers must invest more effectively in the skills their businesses need; young people must have the motivation to achieve their full potential and skills the economy needs; the providers of education and training must offer high quality and flexible provising which meets the need of individuals and employers; people who are unemployed and those at a disadvantage in the jobs market must be helped to get back to work and to develop their abilities to the full. There are eight National Education and Training Targets in all. ...

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