Holland, Isabelle: The Man Without a Face

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THE MAN WITHOUT A FACE Manuela P The book is about a fatherless fourteen-year-old boy who develops an unusual relationship with The man without a face who helps him to prepare for his entrance exams to boarding school. The main characters are Chuck Norstadt and Justin McLeod. Chuck wants to leave his home and go to St. Matthews, a military school where his father was. He doesnt know much about his father. Gloria, one of Chucks sisters, only tells him what a jerk his father was. Chuck hasnt a friend to talk to. Gloria always messes him up and puts him down. Chuck wants to pass the entrance exams, but he needs someone who helps him to learn. Justin McLeod is a mysterious man with a scarred face. He has nicknames like The Grouch or The man without a face. Justin McLeod was a teacher, but he got suspended, because he had a car accident when he was drunken. But the decisive factor was that a boy died in the burning car. Half of his face was burned in the accident. Since then he lives by himself in an old house on the mainland side of a little peninsula. The story starts with Chucks vacations. This summer he has to learn, but there isnt anybody who could help him. One day his sister Meg says, she heard that The Grouch once was a teacher and maybe he would coach him. The rumours about McLeods carnivorous dog and that he writes pornography under a pseudonym depress him, but Chuck knows where he has to go, to McLeod. After a turbulent meeting McLeod says that he will coach Chuck, ...

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