Wells, H. G.: The Time Machine

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Wells, H. G.: The Time Machine
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The Time Machine Summary of the plot The story is told in the first person. The writer and a group of friends (Filby, the medical man and the psychologist) are at the Time Traveller s house one evening. The Time Traveller explains to them his theory of time, that if a man can go up and down in space, he can also backwards and forwards in time. He shows them a model of his Time Machine and when the psychologist touches ist handle it disappears. The friends are astonished but think it is a trick. The Time Traveller shows them his full-size Time Machine and tells them he means to have a journey in it when it is finished. The next Thursday the friends, together with an editor and a journalist, meet again at the Time Traveller s house. He has left a note that he may be late so they start to have dinner without him. Suddenly he appears; he is in a fearful state, covered with dust and pale and tired. After washing and changing, he joins his friends at the dinner-table. He eats hungrily and then tells the following story: That same morning he had tried out the Time Machine. He travelled forward in time to the year 802, 700. The first thing he saw was a large white sphinx-like figure standing on a bronze base. Then he made first contact with the people of the future. They were pretty and childlike, the men and women were alike, all dressed in soft, rich garments. They carried chains of flowers and put them round his neck. Then they took him into a huge building where fruit was ...

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